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AVR Embedded Web server:

This board is an embedded AVR Web server. It is based on ATMEGA32 and ENC28J60 chipset. It can serve webpage as well as can be controlled from a PC Application. It has onboard temperature sensor, ADC Preset and two LEDs to quick start using the board. We provide full microcontroller Source code, PC application source code and board schematic for further development based on Ethernet. The AVR Web server is based on ATmega32 and ENC28J60 Ethernet interface controller. With some source code modification this product can be used as data logger.

We offer following in package

  • AVR Web server based on ATMEGA32 + ENC28J60
  • Ethernet Cable
  • CDROM containing
  • Full AVR Source Code + HEX
  • Full PC Application Source Code + EXE App
  • Board Schematic
  • IC Datasheets
  • WinAVR/ AVR Studio to recompile AVR Source Code


Board serves web pages