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MMA7361 (MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Module 3-Axis low cost micro capacitive Accelerometer Sensor

1. On-board MMA7361 (replace MMA7260) low cost micro capacitive accelerometer;
2. Support 5 V / 3.3 V voltage input, on-board RT9161, more than 1117 of the low pressure drop, faster load, very suitable for high speed corresponding noise power environment;
3. Range through the single-chip microcomputer IO choice, also can choose resistance;
4. Commonly used pins have drawn into standard needle, for 100 (2.54 mm), mil-convenient for bitmap board;
5. Dormancy can make by single chip IO control;
6. PCB board double-sided gold-plated, size: 27.9 (mm) x16.8 (mm)
7. After purchase principle chart, test program attached and related material can be supply.


Package Included:
1 x MMA7361 Accelerometer tilt Sensor Module