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Soil Moisture Content Sensor Probe - Serial + Analog Out :

The sensor measures the dielectric constant of the soil in order to find its volumetric water content (VWC). It obtains volumetric water content by measuring the dielectric constant of the media through the utilization of capacitance/frequency domain technology. Since the dielectric constant of water is much higher than that of air or soil minerals, the dielectric constant of the soil is a sensitive measure of volumetric water content.
The sensor has a low power requirement and very high resolution. This gives the ability to make many measurements (i.e. hourly) over a long period of time with minimal battery usage. In addition, the sensors incorporate a high frequency oscillation, which allows the sensor to accurately measure soil moisture in any soil with minimal salinity and textural effects. An on-board voltage regulator allows factory calibrations to be used with any excitation voltage above 3V.


  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Vadose zone monitoring
  • Plant-soil-water interaction studies