About Us

SVSEMBEDDED is professionally Designed for Embedded systems in Design, Development, Training, Research & Developments. SVSEMBEDDED is a technical organization engaged in developing software, hardware and automation products for the Industries & provides the latest technologies to Manufacturers for their growth.

Apart from the projects for the Industries, we have developed certain development boards and tools, useful for Development engineers, engineering institutions, R&D organizations, and manufacturers. We also stock different types of device programmers, sensors, hard to find electronic components, and instruments.

SVSEMBEDDED is also helps Students to innovate their Ideas & build project for their final year from various streams (Electronics, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Diploma, Bio-Medical, Computers). SVSEMBEDDED Have Wide Range of projects as follows:-

  • Electronics projects.
  • Electrical Projects.
  • Microcontroller Projects.
  • Bio-medical Projects.
  • Robotic Projects.
  • Communication based projects.