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M.TECH IEEE-2018    (Intel Galileo, Beagle bone Black, ARM11 (Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor), ARM Cortex A9, MSP430 launch pad, ARM7)

  1. Raspberry pi/ banana pi processor based atm terminal design for fingerprint combination for privacy protection.
  2. Raspberry pi based liquid flow monitoring and control.
  3. Raspberry pi based interactive home automation system through e-mail.
  4. Raspberry pi based fire detection based on image processing and alerting system.
  5. Raspberry pi based domesticated robot.
  6. Raspberry pi as a wireless sensor node: performances and constraints.
  7. Ramses: rfid augmented module for smart environmental sensing
  8. Railway track pedestrian crossing between platforms.
  9. Zigbee based sensor networks for temperature monitoring and controlling.
  10. Wsn-based smart sensors and actuator for power management in intelligent buildings
  11. Wirless communication, monitoring and security system embedded safety helmet for real time applications.
  12. Wireless transmission and analysis of physical variations in the atmosphere using zigbee.
  13. Wireless sensor network for real-time air pollution monitoring using rasberry pi.
  14. Wireless relay controller using android smartphone.
  15. Wireless power transmission with self-regulated output voltage for biomedical implant.
  16. Wireless power transmission for mobile and vehicle.
  17. Wireless power theft monitoring and controlling unit for substation.
  18. Wireless power meter monitoring with power theft detection and intimation system using gsm and zigbee networks
  19. Wireless mobile communication using human body as a channel.
  20. Wireless machine-to-machine healthcare solution using android mobile devices in global networks using raspberry pi.
  21. Wireless health care monitoring.
  22. Wireless communication aid for the voiceless.
  23. Wireless and wearable eeg system for evaluating driver vigilance
  24. Wi-fi based raspberry pi home.
  25. Web-based electronic load to test dc power supply.
  26. Web based fleet management using gps.
  27. Wearable carbon monoxide warning system using wireless sensors.
  28. Water-saving irrigation system using risc processor and wsn.
  29. Voice operated intelligent elevator.
  30. Video image enhancement and object tracking.
  31. Using wireless measuring devices and tablet pc to improve the efficiency of vital signs data collection in hospital
  32. Using of raspberry pi for data acquisition from biochemical analyzers.
  33. Two-dimensional sensor system for automotive crash prediction
  34. Tracking limbs motion using a wireless network of inertial measurement units
  35. Towards highly automated driving in a parking garage: general object localization and tracking using an environmentembedded camera system
  36. Thermoelectric based dual processing control using embedded controller.
  37. Solar maximum power point tracking and its application to green house.
  38. Smart remote control: universal remote control using rf sensors and gsm technology.
  39. Smart home using andriod application.
  40. Smart card authentication using finger print combination.
  41. Single phase grid connected wind power using chopper based pi controller.
  42. Simulation of rf-mems bio implantable sensor for orthopedic application.
  43. Sensor fusion-based vacant parking slot detection and tracking
  44. Semg based study on the difference in the muscle strength of a half paralytic person due to stroke.
  45. Security algorithm for wireless patient monitoring system.
  46. Rfid technology for iot-based personal healthcare in smart spaces
  47. Result and analysis of implemented real time wireless health monitoring system using sensors.
  48. Relay-assisted wireless communication systems inmining vehicle safety applications
  49. Real time water quality measurement system based on gsm.
  50. Real time vision based security system.
  51. Real time monitoring and control system for green house based on 802.15.4 wireless sensor network
  52. Real time monitoring & controlling system for food grain storage.
  53. Real time building zone occupancy detection and activity visualization utilizing a visitor counting sensor network
  54. Real time automization of agriculture system using arm7.
  55. Qr code based billing system for shops using android smartphone.
  56. Printer control using mobile.
  57. Predicting bus arrival time with mobile phone based participatory sensing
  58. Power management of hybrid renewable energy system by frequency deviation control.
  59. Power line carrier communication.
  60. Power control strategy of a grid connected hybrid system.
  61. Portable roadside sensors for vehicle counting classification and speed measurement
  62. Portable camera-based assistive text and product label reading from hand-held objects for blind persons
  63. Pi-robot implementation using raspberry pi controlling through matlab.
  64. Pi controller for energy management system in hybrid electric ship.
  65. Pi concealed alarm using raspberry pi.
  66. Overcoming drowsiness by inducing cardiorespiratory phase synchronization
  67. On voice activated information retrieval system.
  68. On board vehicle health monitoring system using dynamic priority protocol.
  69. Object sorting implementation using raspberry pi.
  70. Nonlinear control design for maximum power point tracking and unity power factor of a grid-connected photovoltaic renewable energysystems.
  71. Multiple moving object detection and tracking using harr features with smart video surveillance system.
  72. Multi-objective optimization for sizing of solar-wind based hybrid power system.
  73. Multi-core embedded wireless sensor networks: architecture and applications
  74. Moving object detection and tracking in surveillance system.
  75. Microcontroller based heart beat monitoring and alerting system.
  76. Mesh networking based solution for smart metering.
  77. Maximum power point tracking of photo voltaic based –induction motor drive systems.
  78. Maximum power point tracker for sub watt photovoltaic module.
  79. Low power amt acquisition network based on zigbee and gps
  80. Low cost robotic hand gloves.
  81. Location-aware and safer cards: enhancing rfid security and privacy via location sensing.
  82. Location-aware and safer cards: enhancing rfid security and privacy via location sensing using raspberry pi/ banana pi.
  83. Internet of vehicles: from intelligent grid to autonomous cars and vehicular clouds
  84. Intelligent accident identification and location display system using arm.
  85. Integration and distribution of renewable sources in dc micro grid with energy storage system.
  86. Innovative multi directional wind turbine.
  87. Innovative concept of hybrid vehicle.
  88. Industry oriented smart and automated process control system.
  89. Implementation of sensor network using efficient can interface.
  90. Implementation of gsm based water meter a step towards automation in billing system.
  91. Implementation of cognitive and virtual mouse pointer control.
  92. Implementation of advanced communication aid for people with severe speech impairment.
  93. Implementation of a web of things based smart grid to remotely monitor and control renewable energy sources
  94. Implementation of a safety system using ir and ultrasonic devices for mobility scooter obstacle collision avoidance
  95. Image quality assessment for fake biometric detection: application to iris, fingerprint, and face recognition
  96. Human–robot collaboration based on motion intention estimation
  97. Human computer interaction by gesture recognition.
  98. Home monitoring system with motion detection and email alerts using raspberry pi/ banana pi processor.
  99. Home automation using raspberry pi/ banana pi processor (arm11) with capacitive touch screen.
  100. Home appliances control system based on android smartphone.
  101. High way vehicle speed control & automatic breaking system.
  102. High temperature wireless sensor network monitoring system for coalmine fire.
  103. Handwritten digit & character for interactive printing using digital pen.
  104. Guide systems for the blind pedestrian positioning and artificial vision.
  105. Gsm based home automation system using arduino shield.
  106. Gsm based electronic voting machine using touch screen.
  107. Green cooperative communication network using renewable energy sources.
  108. Full-duplex communication by live video streaming to detect the fire based on image processing and continues robot implementation using raspberry pi.
  109. Freighter fuel level detection and overload alarming system with safety notification via gsm.
  110. Flexible indoor localization and tracking based on a wearable platform and sensor data fusion
  111. Fire accident avoidance system in trains using gsm technology.
  112. Fingerprint recognition based electronic voting machine.
  113. Extended wireless monitoring through intelligent hybrid energy supply.
  114. Exploring energy efficient architectures in passive wireless nodes for iot applications
  115. Evaluation of zigbee wireless sensor networks under high power disturbances
  116. Eog based low cost device for controlling home appliances.
  117. Energy-saving led control module for agent-basedmicro-grid systems
  118. Energy efficient handling of big data in embedded, wireless sensor networks
  119. Energy efficient automized botteling plant using plc and scada with speed variable conveyor assembly.
  120. Embedded system design of an advanced illumination measurement system for highways
  121. Embedded microcontroller using gps as a securityresource for disabled people
  122. Embedded linux raspberry pi/ banana pi and android based voice controlled notice board with scrolling led display.
  123. Embedded linux based automatic door opening and room illumination control system using sensors and minicomputer banana pi processor.
  124. Embedded human control of robots using myoelectric interfaces
  125. Electronic toll collection system for efficient traffic control system using anpr.
  126. Effectiveness of current methods for determining the nutrient level of soil ideal for crop cultivation and an approach to implement new technologies to test the soil.
  127. Dynamic authentication using android accelerometer sensor.
  128. Dual application wind mill for on-grid and off-grid applications.
  129. Droid ei – an approach to android electronic integration.
  130. Driving assistance by deictic control for a smart wheelchair: the assessment issue
  131. Development of solar dryer incorporated with evacuated tube collector.
  132. Development of embedded web server on raspberry pi/ banana pi processor.
  133. Development of automatic vehicle plate detection system.
  134. Determination of gsm signal strength level in some selected location.
  135. Designing and simulation of an automated irrigation management system deployed by using wireless sensor networks (wsn).
  136. Design-and-development-of-computer (matlab) -operated-car-with-live-video.
  137. Design of wireless bio medical sensor network for health application.
  138. Design of surveillance and safety system for underground coal mines based on low power wsn
  139. Design of new embedded speaking robot for older adult’s medication management in the home using linux single board computer raspberry pi/ banana pi processor.
  140. Design of location-aware selective unlocking mechanism via rfid and gps.
  141. Design of flight and engine warnings and parameter display system.
  142. Design of arm based enhanced event data recorder & evidence collecting system.
  143. Design of an automatic water level controller using mercury float switch.
  144. Design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using gps-gsm/gprs technology and smart phone application.
  145. Design and implementation of piezo resistive mems pressure sensor for spiro meter application.
  146. Design and implementation of automatic security alert system using gsm network.
  147. Design and implementation of arm microcontroller based vehicle monitoring and controlling system using controller area network (can) protocol .
  148. Design and implementation of a low-cost embeddedlinux gateway for smart home health monitoring
  149. Design and fabrication of coconut harvesting robot: cocobot.
  150. Design and development of a low-cost multisensorinertial data acquisition system for sailing
  151. Defibrillator developing using raspberry.
  152. Defending connected vehicles against malware: challenges and a solution framework
  153. Controlling traffic jam using feature detection.
  154. C-leakage cylinder lpg gas leakage detection for home safety.
  155. Brain wave based wireless device control.
  156. Biometric based attendance management system using wi-fi.
  157. Autonomous vehicle navigation and mapping system.
  158. Automatic traffic congestion detection and alert system. Hvs-563. Automation in drinking water supply distributed system and testing of water.
  159. Automatic lighting system using multiple robotic lamps
  160. Automatic license plate recognition (alpr): a state-of-the-art review.
  161. Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and gprs module.
  162. Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and gprs module
  163. Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using zigbee-integrated raspberry pi single board computer via modbus.
  164. Arm based automated wireless greenhouse climate manage-ment system using zigbee technology.
  165. Application of rfid technology and the maximum spanning tree algorithm for solving vehicle emissions in cities on iot
  166. Application of image processing techniques for the extraction of vehicle number plates over arm target board.
  167. Application of data acquisition system for superconducting quantum interface devices (squid) at remote location
  168. An-online-voting-system-using-biometric-fingerprint-and-aadhaar-card.
  169. Android help alert system using speech recognition.
  170. Android based home automation using raspberry pi.
  171. Analysis and practical considerations in implementing multiple transmitters for wireless power transfer via coupled magnetic resonance.
  172. An otp generation for password protected gsm based device control using minicomputer raspberry pi/ banana pi.
  173. An ivrs system for student information.
  174. An intelligent energy metering using zigbee and arm7 with matlab.
  175. An integrated system for regional environmental monitoring and management based on internet of things
  176. An innovative non-intrusive driver assistance system for vital signal monitoring
  177. An enhanced fall detection system for elderly person monitoring using consumer home networks
  178. An energy awareness in smart city lessons learned
  179. An armband wearable device for overnight and cuff-less blood pressure measurement
  180. A utility interactive electricity generation schemes with renewable resources.
  181. A reconfigurable smart sensor interface for industrial wsn in iot environment
  182. A realtime device for human interaction with computer.
  183. A hand gesture recognition framework and wearable gesturebased interaction prototype for mobile devices
  184. A distributed maximum power point control for efficiency enhancement of photovoltaic system.
  185. A configurable and low-power mixed signal soc for portable ecg monitoring applications
  186. A cardiac telemonitoring system.

We will be providing the following details on CD:

  1. Abstract
  2. Datasheets
  3. Project report in PDF format and in doc (word) format
  4. Circuit diagram
  5. PCB layout
  6. Microcontroller program (software code)
  7. Sample power point presentation.
  8. Hex file of the microcontroller code
  9. Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project
  10. Photos & video file on entire project

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