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  1. A child-left-behind warning system based on capacitive sensing principle.
  2. A localization and an identification system of personnel in areas personnel in areas at risk using a wsn
  3. A method of remote control for home applianceusing free hand gesture
  4. A reconfigurable snake robot based on can-bus
  5. A reliable transmission protocol for zigbee-basedwireless patient monitoring
  6. A secure application invocation mechanism in mobile phones for near field communication.
  7. A system for mobile assisted living
  8. A wi-fi based smart wireless sensor network for monitoring an agricultural environment
  9. A wireless surveillance and safety system for mine workers based on zigbee
  10. A zigbee based wearable physiological parameters monitoring system
  11. A zigbee sms alert system with trust mechanism in wireless sensor networks
  12. Accessible display design to control home area networks.
  13. An analysis, design and precautionary measure for mobile phone accidents while driving and costeffective fatalities.
  14. An apparatus in monitoring the energy charging system
  15. An efficient sms-based framework for public health surveillance
  16. An embedded real-time finger-vein recognition system for mobile devices.
  17. An intelligent self-adjusting sensor for smart home services based on zigbee communications.
  18. An online examination system using wireless security application.
  19. An rc helicopter autonomous control system withsingle web camera
  20. An rfid-based position and orientation measurement system for mobile objects in intelligent environments
  21. Arm 7 based accident alert and vehicle tracking system.
  22. Arm7 hardware platform for vehicular monitoring and tracking.
  23. Assembly of super compact wireless sensor nodes for environmental monitoring applications
  24. Automated control system for air pollution detection in vehicles.
  25. Automatic broken track detection using led-ldr assembly.
  26. Bluetooth remote home automation system using android application.
  27. Building a smart home system with wsn and service robot.
  28. Bus monitoring system based on zigbee and gprs
  29. Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy
  30. Centralized heart rate monitoring telemetry system using zigbee wireless sensor network
  31. Child activity recognition based on cooperative fusion model of a triaxial accelerometer.
  32. Coal mine detection using embedded system.
  33. Design and implementation of a fall monitor system by using a 3-axis accelerometer in a smart phone
  34. Design and implementation of high security mobile payment system.
  35. Design and implementation of location based mobile health system.
  36. Design and realization of a framework for human-system interaction in smart homes
  37. Design issues in zigbee-based sensor network for healthcare applications
  38. Design of distributed greenhouse big awning monitoring system based on field-bus
  39. Design of electronic blood pressure monitoring system based on mobile telemedicine system
  40. Design of electronic voting systems for reducing election process
  41. Design of emergency remote security monitoring and control system based on arm
  42. Design of integrated mine safety monitor system based on zigbee
  43. Design of intelligent ambulance and traffic control
  44. Design of intelligent home appliance control system based on arm and zigbee
  45. Design of intelligent traffic signal controller
  46. Design of remote automatic meter reading system based on zigbee and gprs
  47. Design of remote intelligent home system based on zigbee and gprs technology
  48. Design of remote intelligent smart home system based on zigbee and gsm technology
  49. Design of the automatic acquisition system based on gps
  50. Design of vehicle bus data acquisition and fault diagnosis system using can
  51. Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based on wireless sensor networks
  52. Efficient implementation of advanced encryption standard (aes) for arm based platforms
  53. Environment monitoring and device control using arm based embedded controlled sensor network.
  54. Environment sensing using smartphone
  55. Ethernet enabled digital i/o control in embedded systems
  56. Evaluation of bluetooth hands-free profile for sensors applications in smartphone platforms
  57. Exploiting bluetooth on android mobile devices for home security application
  58. Fall detection by built-in tri-accelerometer of smartphone
  59. Fall detection system for elderly with gsm communication and gps localization.
  60. Gasmon: a sensor network system for residential building gas leak monitoring
  61. Gsm based automatic energy meter reading system with instant billing.
  62. Gsm mobile phone based led scrolling message display system.
  63. Hand gesture recognition using mems for specially challenged people
  64. Home appliances management system using controller area network
  65. Home automation using cloud network and mobile devices.
  66. Integrated multifunctional environmental sensors
  67. Intellectual climate system for monitoring industrial environment
  68. Lobot-low-cost, self-contained localization of small-sized ground robotic
  69. Locking and unlocking of theft vehicles using can.
  70. Multi level anti theft security system using gsm technology
  71. Multifunction monitoring system for vehicles.
  72. Performance evaluation of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks for forest fire detection
  73. Prepaid energy meter with gsm technology.
  74. Printed humidity sensor with memory
  75. Recognition of direction of fall by smartphone.
  76. Remote control system of smart appliances based on wireless sensor network
  77. Remote-control system of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using a zigbee network of devices and sensors.
  78. Reservation based vehicle parking system using gsm and rfid technology
  79. Robot control design based on smartphone.
  80. Safe driving using mobile phones and zigbee.
  81. Sensor network for monitoring and natural-risk management in the quindio-colombia area
  82. Sensors to enhance the sensing reliability of an embedded surveillance system.
  83. Simplified secure reservation for railway public transport.
  84. Telemetric system, measuring ambiental variables through ethernet
  85. The design and implementation of wireless gateway using zigbee wi-fi.
  86. The new approach to rfid assisted navigation systems for vanets
  87. Touch screen and zigbee based wireless communication assistant.
  88. Towards the implementation of iot forenvironmental condition monitoring in homes
  89. Vehicle health monitoring system using can.
  90. Vehicle theft alert system using gsm.
  91. Vehicles. Location recognition for check in application based on fp, zigbee, and gps.
  92. Wifi for vehicular communication systems.
  93. Wireless based load control and power monitoring system
  94. Wireless remote monitor and control system based on zigbee and web.
  95. Zigbee based farming management system.
  96. Zigbee based vanets for accident rescue missions in 2g gsm networks

We will be providing the following details on CD:

  1. Abstract
  2. Datasheets
  3. Project report in PDF format and in doc (word) format
  4. Circuit diagram
  5. PCB layout
  6. Microcontroller program (software code)
  7. Sample power point presentation.
  8. Hex file of the microcontroller code
  9. Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project
  10. Photos & video file on entire project

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