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Apr33a3 Voice Record And Play Back

Operating Volatge : 3V ~ 6.5V
Single Chip, High Quality Audio / Voice Recording And Playback Solution
No External IC Require
Minimum External Components
Programming And Development System Not Required
Powerful 16 - Bit Digital Audio Processor
Non Volatile Flash Memory Technology
No Battery Back Up Required
External Reset PIN
Very Law Standby Current - 1uA
Low Power Down Current - 15uA
Supports Power Down Mode For Power Saving
Built In Audio Recording Microphone Amplifire
No External OPAMP Or BJT Required
Configurable Analog Interface
Differential Ended - MIC Pre - Amp FOr Low Noice
High Quality Line Receiver
High Quality Analog To Digital And PWM Module - Resolution Upto 16 - Bits
Avarage 1,2,4, 8 Messages Recording Facility